Special Tool

Raw material, geometry, edge preparation and coating in manufacturing cutting tools have a direct effect on tool quality.

It is highly recommended that our customers take account of the guidances at our catalogue in order to get the optimum efficiency on our high performance series which are developed after optimising all the parameters.

You can also choose the suitable tool according to the machinability of the materials or work pieces and operation method by reaching our sales representatives or application team.

Following details are very important in terms of elaboration of suggestions for machining within the shortest time

  • Work piece to be machined? (Turbine blade, injector, engine block, brake disc etc.)

  • Material to be machined? (Inconel, titanium, stainless steel, steel, cast iron, in accordance with which of the ISO or DIN standards?)

  • Operation method? (“Side milling” “Shoulder milling” “Slotting” “Ramping” “Plunging”)

  • Material Hardness? Heat-treated?

  • Type of cooling? (Oil, emulsion, air, internal or external coolant, pressure?)

  • Type of Holder? (Shrink, hydrolic, “Collet” “HSK” “BT” “SK” Etc.)

  • Type and power of spindle?

  • Machining method? (Vertical-Horizontal or 5-Axis)

  • Fixing type of work piece

  • Current tool and parameters in use, if available

  • The problems encountered with the current tool or tool life, if available.

You Already Have The Advantage!

  • High performance machining

  • Considerable cost reduction per work piece costs by regarding overheads and depreciation

  • Our tools ensure the best possible precision and quality on the work piece machined.

  • Optimal loading for your machines

  • Longer tool life and holder life

  • Reduced the overall cutting tool costs

  • Improved utilisation of your capacity. You don’t have to rush in a new machine investment.