Starting a New
Journey of Success

Requires Foreseen Experience,

expert team, strategy

and vision.


Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners,

We, Karcan, as the biggest cutting tools manufacturer of Turkey with our modern machine and measuring park, R&D Center, number of qualified employees, sales figures and export share, owe you a great debt of gratitude for being with us all through these years and contributing to our success. As the leading cutting tools manufacturer in Turkey, we closely follow all the latest developments in machining and materials engineering and bring the latest technologies to your hands. With our strong R&D department, well trained and competent process team, and competent technical sales team, we are your trusted solution partner in machinability of hi-tech materials

We are not just a cutting tools manufacturer! We create value through our production improvement activities, technical applications and consultancy services and we work hard to help our valued customers gain a competitive edge in “cost per part” in global markets. In this respect, we aim to provide products and services that go “Beyond Machining.”

Our product catalogue showcases the improvements we have achieved through the R&D work, which we carried out in collaboration with the national and international universities, research institutes, local and international customers and the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

We proudly present our; 97 Series, updated with X-Per technology, 100 Series- our best selling series of the last two years with its new coating technology, 101 Series highly recognised especially in stainless material face and side milling operations, 123 Series national market leader in machining aluminium with its updated geometry and coated option, Ball Nose 203 Series, which made an overwhelming impression in machining mould and die especially after heat treatment finishing operations and Corner Radius 114 Series.

Besides all these innovations, we are excited to bring in our new 98 and 111 Series which made their debut in our latest catalogue; developed after a three years of R&D and trials, and which are both highly recognised in machining super alloys in both national and international markets in the last year

We have developed an unique quality range in our micro tool and micro drill lines and succeeded in our R&D endevaours. You can find more information about our solutions which compete head to head with with the offerings of leading global suppliers.

Along with our high performance Ultra-Bite series, we have transformed the idea of ‘Cheap Tool’ perception thanks to the improvements on coating and edge preparation technologies in our KSNF and general purpose applications series which provide cost effective solutions with high price/performance ratios.

We continue to bring innovation to our customers in our country and 21 countries globally, and keep working with great passion in the belief that progress is a never ending process.

Welcome again to the world of Karcan Cutting Tools